Kolar CMC has to pay Rs 16.36 lakh library cess

Kolar CMC has to pay Rs 16.36 lakh library cess

Thus, the District Central Library is in a fix, as it needs to buy books from the money collected by the local administrative bodies. In addition to this, there is shortage of staff and the taluk libraries do not have the required  infrastructure to function. The Kolar CMC had to pay Rs 2.57 lakh in 2006-07, Rs 4.50 lakh in 2007-08 and Rs 9.2 lakh in 2008-09 in total amounting to Rs 16,36,952, to the District Central Library.

However, no action seems to have been taken in this regard, despite several letters being written to the officials concerned.

‘The CMC is neglecting the payment of library cess. Now, another letter will be dispatched through the Deputy Commissioner,’ said the Chief Librarian P Vishwanath.

It is not only the CMC, even the TMCs have not paid the library cess for the past three years. In total, Bangarpet TMC has to pay Rs 1.51 lakh, Malur TMC Rs 1.79 lakh and Mulbagal TMC has to pay up Rs 11,849   lakh, added the chief librarian.

If the local bodies pay the library cess regularly, the libraries would not have to face any problem. However, the bodies, which are supposed to collect the cess are utilising it for other activities. Due to the precedent set by a few TMCs and CMC the functioning of the library is hindered. Due to the non-payment of cess, the library is unable to buy books mentioned by the State Library Authority, he added.