KSET: Mysore, Bangalore candidates fare better

KSET: Mysore, Bangalore candidates fare better

Out of 83,755 candidates registered, 12, 941 were absent

 The results of Karnataka State Eligibility Test (K-SET) announced on Monday, show that candidates who appeared for examinations from Mysore and Bangalore, fared better than the candidates from other centers of the State.

Of the 14,437 candidates who appeared for K-SET from Mysore, 9.09 per cent of the candidates, totalling 1,312 cleared the examination. Similarly 1,053 (8.81 per cent) of the 11,947 candidates who appeared from Bangalore cleared the examination.

 Mangalore center stood third wherein 265 (7.66 per cent) of the 3,461 qualified.Candidates who appeared for the examination from centers in North Karnataka fared worst in the examination, with Gulbarga center getting the least percentage, in terms of candidates who qualified.

Of the 7,378 candidates who appeared, only 396 candidates qualified. Apart from Gulbarga, percentage of candidates from other centers of North Karnataka such as Bijapur and Davangere was 5.47 per cent and 5.52 per cent, respectively. While 306 of the 5,590 candidates qualified from Bijapur center, 221 of 4,003 candidates who appeared for KSET in Davangere qualified. KSET was conducted in 11 centers across the State in 32 subjects.


Of the 32 subjects, maximum pass percentage was observed in Criminology, where 22 of the 91 candidates (24.18 per cent) who appeared, qualified. The least pass percentage was in Physical Science, at 0.89 per cent, where only 24 of the 2,711 candidates were eligible after three stages of the examination.

In Tourism, 15 of the 68 candidates (22.06) qualified. Maximum number of candidates - 10,215 appeared for Kannada. The pass percentage was 12.14 per cent in the subject, with 1,240 candidates qualifying in the subject. Apart from Physical Science, candidates who appeared in Social Work paper fared poorly, with only 22 of 1,683 qualifying (1.31 per cent).

Apart from it, qualifying percentage was least in Sociology (2.02 per cent), Commerce (2.1 per cent) and Chemical Science (2.67 per cent).

Speaking at a press meet, V-C  K S Rangappa said that in Science subjects, the highest number of candidates who are eligible are from Mysore. In languages, Mysore and Bangalore center candidates have fared well, while in Humanities, candidates from Bangalore had fared better.
While a total of 83,755 candidates had registered for K-SET, 12,941 candidates were absent. Of the 70,814 candidates, 47,392 were eliminated in stage 1, while 22,360 candidates cleared stage 1. Two of the candidates were disqualified for malpractice.