MCC to launch drive to rid Mysuru of pigs

MCC to launch drive to rid Mysuru of pigs

Move to check unhygienic conditions, spread of swine flu

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) plans to make the city ‘pig-free’ to maintain the city’s beauty, hygiene and to prevent spreading of diseases.

MCC authorities have planned to construct a shelter where all the pigs in the city could be shifted. The civic body has earmarked Rs 50 lakh to build a shelter with all basic infrastructure for pig rearing. The shelter will be developed on a 2.5 acre of land in Survey number 242 in Hanchya village on the outskirts of the city. The district administration has sanctioned the land while MCC authorities have prepared an action plan and are awaiting its approval.

According to authorities, people often complain about pigs creating a nuisance and also of unhygienic conditions in residential areas. The shelter has been planned to prevent rearing of pigs within the MCC limits.

The city is estimated to have as many as 2,500 pigs with most of the animals being largely seen in areas like Kesare, Kalyangiri, J P Nagar, Rajeev Nagar and Shanti Nagar. A compound will be constructed around the land and pigs will be housed in the region. Owners of the animals can visit the shelter to look after their animals.

A majority of pig owners have agreed to house their pigs in the shelter, said an official.

“Pigs can also cause an outbreak of swine flu, an epidemic disease. Considering the hygiene and people’s health, the MCC is taking up this initiative to relocate pigs. Authorities have urged all pig rearers to support the initiative,” he said.

All facilities to rear pigs, including food, medical care and others will be provided in the shelter. MCC officials have planned to collect leftover food from hotels and restaurants in the city to feed the pigs.

Meanwhile, pig rearers and people have welcomed the move and have also urged the MCC to provide shelter at four different places in all four directions of the city. A resident of Karakushalanagar said that due to the irresponsible disposal of waste, pig menace had become rampant in the area.

“With the initiative, the menace could be controlled. The pig population was under control in the last five years but now the population is increasing gradually and it is high time this is checked for the welfare of people,” he said.