MGP compiles commuter grievances for KSRTC

MGP compiles commuter grievances for KSRTC

Mysore Grahakara Parishat (MGP), which had invited suggestions from the public to improve the city bus service, has complied a list of problems faced by commuters and has suggested probable solutions.

In a memorandum forwarded to the Divisional Controller of the KRSTC, the MGP has classified the problems into five priorities. They are:

Frequency and time: Only a few buses ply on many routes — especially that cover schools and colleges (No 10, 72 and 135 for example). There seems to be many buses on some routes (such as 116), which can be redeployed on necessary routes.

The schedule should be strictly followed to avoid clustering of buses at the same time, leading to long waits for the next bus.

Introduction of new routes and modifications: Central Bus Stand (CBS) to Naidu Nagar via KR Hospital; CBS to Bogadi; circular routes without going through CBS; Anand Nagar to CBS via CGHS Hospital; circular routes in both directions connecting Railway Station, Suburban Bus Stand (SBS) and CBS; rerouting buses via Doctors’ Corner in Gokulam Third Stage, Ekalavyanagar to Metagalli, etc.

Violations: Buses not stopping at designated stops (eg: St Philomena’s College and Akshay Bhandar), irregular stops at traffic intersections (eg: Near VV Puram Post Office), illegal stops and turns, violation of one-way rule during early or late hours, awkward parking at stops (eg: SBS), blocking of bus stops by other vehicles and vendors (eg: P K Sanatorium), blocking of traffic by buses stopping next to each other (eg: Surya Bakery).

Need for people-friendly staff: There have been complaints about ill-treatment of senior citizens, not helping ladies and senior citizens to get seats reserved for them, not issuing change, talking on cellphone or with other staff while driving, not using indicators while making turns, sudden braking and stopping in the middle of the road, changing specified routes (eg: 119 avoiding Doctors’ Corner in Gokulam), etc.

Other issues: There have been complaints about poor maintenance of buses, buses without destination boards or numbers on the side, no timetable at important bus stops, non-working electronic systems (ITS), stopping of buses for long durations at stage ends to issue tickets, lack of good bus shelters, delay in arrival of substitute bus during breakdown, etc. People have also sought concession for senior citizens in Volvo and other AC buses as in Bangalore.

MGP has suggested that most of the problems can be solved by conducting periodic scientific surveys of bus occupancy rates on all routes at various times of the day.
This will help employ the right number of buses on a route and determining the best schedule. The public can also be contacted to find out if new routes are needed or if the service needs to be improved.

MGP has also recommended establishment of a complaint cell by the KSRTC, with SMS and e-mail facilities to receive and redress public grievances on the lines of the railways.