More than 68,000 cows tagged in Chikkamagaluru

More than 68,000 cows tagged in Chikkamagaluru

The special tag containing barcode and registration number that are fixed on milking cows in Chikkamagaluru district.

As part of the registration of milking cows in the district, 68,436 cows have been fixed with barcoded tags.

The registration is being carried out by the National Dairy Development Board under its programme ‘Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health’ (INAPH).

A target had been set to tag a total of 1,56,450 cows in the district. However, only 68,436 cows have been tagged starting from August 1, 2017, till the end of April 2019, with a success rate of 43.72%.

The tag comprises barcode and a unique identification number (UID). Both the features carry the details of age, number of calves, duration of pregnancy, the quantity of milk and the name and address of the owner. The details are updated online from time to time and the process will be a continuous one, said District Animal Husbandry department Deputy Director Dr Mallikarjun.

“Using the features, the officers of the department will send the useful and necessary information to the owners of the cows through messages. The messages include details on vaccination and other health-related information.

The tag is fixed to the ear of the cow, without injuring the animal, he added.

Veterinary Officer Dr C Ramesh said that the INAPH aims at identifying the fertility rate of cows and other varieties of cows that produce more milk.