Mouth watering delicacies in Chikmagalur

Mouth watering delicacies in Chikmagalur

 A stroll on the Chikmagalur streets will definitely prove to be a treat to one's eyes as well as taste buds. As part of Ramzan holy month, various shops in the city have mouth-watering sweetmeats for sale. 


Malandhur Street, Shareefbad and other places in Chikmagalur have an inviting aroma of delicacies such as Badasha, Badampuri, Khaza, Kazur, Kashmirikali, Samosa, Bombay Bonda, Pakoda and other food items. People throng these streets especially in the evening after Muslims break their fast. However, the shopkeepers point out that the sale is less compared to the previous year. “With drought and deficit rain business is 25 per cent less. “The rise in price of sugar and oil has forced us to increase the price of the sweets,” said a shop keeper.

 “Kashmiri Kali and Samosas are on great demand,” he added. “We have maximum business during Ramzan,” said one of the shop owner Irshad Ahmed to Deccan Herald. “I have been in this business for the last 25 years. Now 15 labourers who hail from various places such as Mandya, Mysore, Bangalore work for me.

The delicacies prepared in my shop are sold in 10 other places,” he said. Speaking about price rise, Ahmed says that one kg sugar costs Rs 40 and one litre of oil costs Rs 80. “We increased the price of the food items. However, people here are also suffering due to drought. Many daily wage labourers are job less. Many people have stopped eating from outside due to steep increase in the price of eatables,” he added.

  “My father used to prepare various delicacies for the last 15 years. After he died, people have personally requested me to continue with the business. We prepare special eatables like Kazapuri, Samosa, Kazzura especially during Ramzan,”said Nayaz a shopkeeper from Shareefbad. “I love my work. I consider it as a form of service. People who are fasting in Ramzan need not face difficulties with cooking. They can buy sweetmeats from shop. I am not carrying out business for profit,” he added.

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