Mysore greets its one-time resident enthusiastically

Mysore greets its one-time resident enthusiastically

Mysore greets its one-time resident enthusiastically

Mysore greets its one-time resident enthusiastically

 Batchmates, old students along with the new students were patiently waiting at the quadrangle of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, here on Friday, to welcome and catch a glimpse of their old friend Akhilesh Yadav, who is now the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

The space reserved for the programme which was packed with audience since 3 pm itself was silent enough with some of his friends chatting with one another, and staff of the college, recollecting their memories associated with Yadav, who was visiting his Alma Mater, for the first time after he assumed power as Chief Minister of UP.

He was greeted warmly by all of his friends and staff. While his old friends were happy to see their buddy as a Chief minister, the students were overjoyed to see an alumnus of the college, who is now a popular politician. The crowd comprising elders and youth, cheered him endlessly.

Owing his success credit to Mysore, he said that the city as well as the college had taught him about life and the challenges. “Whatever I have learnt here, I am able to implement it there. Where ever I go, the name of SJCE will be attached to mine,” he added.

He said that he was happy to be at the college along with his family and remembered that he had arrived alone to the city to gain admission.

Yadav recollected the wrath of a Geology lecturer, who was nicknamed as ‘Kallappa’.
M H Dhananjaya, Director, Technical, JSS Mahavidya Peetha, who was then principal, said that he had associated two incidents with Yadav and his father Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Yadav, who spent few days of his college life at the hostel, when enquired about any complaints, had said that he was satisfied with whatever facility was provided.
But his friends had many complaints.

“Mulayam Singh Yadav, then Chief Minister of UP, who had arrived in city for a political conference, when Yadav was final year student, met me at my office in the college, despite me offering to meet him wherever he was staying. But the senior Yadav refused to do so, because I was his son’s teacher,” he added.

Shakeeb Ur Rehman, Vice-Principal, SJCE said that yadav was not even a class representative during his college days but was now a world famous leader. “He had a vision similar to that of his father which made him achieve great heights in politics. We hope he becomes the Prime Minister one day,” he added.

Prior to this, Yadav visited the residence of Mohammed Ashraf, a classmate of his along, with his family. There he lunched on ‘napoleon rice’, ‘aloo bonda’, ‘veg curry’, ‘panner curry’ and cake.

He even visited the residence of Shakeeb Ur Rehman, Vice-Principal of SJCE and also residence of Dasharath Rai, another friend of his.

Later visiting ‘Kapali,’ the paying guest house, where he resided during his college days, he recouted his days there to his family. He also chatted up Chandrashekar, the cook.
B G Sangameshwara, Principal, SJCE, Mahesh Nagarajaiah, President, SJCE Alumni Association, Dasharath Rai, entrepreneur and others were present.