Mysore next stop for 'Recycling Habba'?

Mysore next stop for 'Recycling Habba'?

Local system planned

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has made a beginning in this direction with the recent ‘Recycling Habba’ in Bangalore.

This was disclosed to media here on Thursday by KSPCB chairman A S Sadashivaiah,  after dedicating the stall of the board in Dasara Exhibition Grounds.

Elated by the overwhelming response received by the habba (festival) beginning from November 1, Sadashivaiah said educated class — especially well to do women — came forward in taking the lead.

A gynaecologist was one among them, who created green ground tables. A programme has been organised on November 13 to recognise and honour the services of such dedicated environmentalists. The festival will slowly be extended to other cities like Mysore and Mangalore.

When compared to collecting waste and dumping it in one place, making for a huge quantity, local system that includes collection, segregation, reuse, recycle and also disposal saves money and prevents health related hazards from shooting up. The board plans to bring the temples under the plan, where the recycled waste could also generate revenue to the waste producer.

About  the other plans, he said lakes will be developed complying with environmental friendly method and Agaram lake in Bangalore has been taken up for development. One lake in every district will be identified for the project.


Not to forget, Sadashivaiah said e-waste is emerging as a biggest challenge and law will be coming into effect from January 2012.

He said India and Karnataka still lag behind in recycling the electronic waste (e-waste) and the law will provide teeth to make it effective.

The state produces 10,000 lakh tonnes of e-waste per annum.

Bio-medical waste

Sadashivaiah claimed that the State has secured first place in dealing with bio-medical waste, besides being the first State to cover medical establishments both big and small under the system.

Earlier treatment of bio-medical waste (in case they had facility) was mandatory for all the hospitals with 1,000 beds. The board brought those hospitals with less than prescribed number of beds and also clinics under the ambit. A total of 55 health care establishments in the district have been covered.

Bus Day

He was happy to note that Bus Day, an initiative by KSRTC where additional buses will be plied to encourage public transport, is yielding results. When recorded, the percentage of suspended particulated materials have come down by 12 to 14 per cent on the day. The air ambient quality on metro train route in Bangalore is also being studied.

About stall

The stall has models of bio-medical treatment plant, forest, eco-friendly fire extinguisher, bricks among others making the stall a must visit.

A sapling planted on the replica of brain made of types of wastes depicts turning waste into wealth. 

A group of students from Government High School in Belavadi were indeed lucky for having found a perfect teacher on environment in Sadashivaiah.

The KSPCB chairman explained the students in Kannada after giving a patient hearing to a woman representative from Nathan and Nathan, private consultants who have created the stall.

The industries in Mysore and Mandya districts have adopted 100 schools (five by each industry) to develop eco-friendly system and the students here were from one such school.

Environmental officer Niranjan, conservator of forests Manoj Kumar and K B Markandaiah, retired CCF Kushalappa, Srikanth from Sri Consultants and others were present.