Mysore Race Club unfazed by Strangles scare

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Following the recent incidence of Strangles disease among horses, Mysore Race Club (MRC) authorities have tightened measures to cure the sick equines and to prevent the disease from spreading. 

However, revenue of MRC will not suffer a major dent, as only four racing days have been called off, prior to the launch of the main season on August 23.
Secretary of MRC, K G Ananthraj Urs, said that two race days of summer season of MRC, on July 22 and 23, and two race days on August 16 and 17 have been called off. 
However, he added that owners and trainers of horses at the club will face some marginal losses due to the cancellation of race days. After a horse from the club, Ace Bucephalus finished fourth in the recently concluded Bangalore Derby, strangles has been a minor bump for the club.
He said that MRC housed five hundred horses in the stables of the club, of which only 14 were diagnosed of strangles. 
Senior veterinary officer of MRC, Dr C V Niranjan said that quarantine measures has prevented the disease from spreading to other horses in the club. 
“As soon as symptoms of the disease were seen about a month ago, we started isolating the animals. Even animals suspected of strangles were quarantined,” he said.The disease is usually cured within a period of 10-12 days. Horses continue to shed the bacteria responsible for strangles for up to two weeks. So, all the 14 horses will be kept away for a month, he said.
Similar cases were also reported in Pune and Hyderabad this year.
Niranjan recalled that horses at the clubs were affected by Influenza in 2008. The disease had spread to many horses in the club, but the common disease was easily cured, he said.
He added that Strangles, unlike Influenza, can be easily prevented from spreading. Moreover, the staff tending to the sick horses are also prevented from entering the stables of healthy horses, as they might carry the microbes and infect them, he added.
The main reason of the club, scheduled for August 23, will draw horses from Bangalore for participation.

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