Now, M'lore fish available in Kolar

Now, M'lore fish available in Kolar

Coastal special

A wide of variety of fish – as known in Kolar, Bili Manji, Kappu Manji, Bootayi, Bangude, Katla, Rohu, Anjaltundu, Madmal, Muddao, Ari, Seegadi, Kane, Mallet, Barracuda – besides crabs, the stall has them all but sans the stink.

They are clean, fresh and available at a reasonable price. Young men at the outlet on the premises of the taluk panchayat office, with their charm and impressive presentation, welcome the prospective buyers and display them neatly arranged stock in the cold storage.

In Kolar, which has dearth of shops to sell seafood and was forced to be content with a couple of local variety available in the meat market near the Clock Tower, the outlet certainly has come special attraction.

Besides, the price ranges from Rs 35 per kg for Bootai, to Rs 140 (Seegadi and Kolicchi), Rs 265 (Kappu Manji) and Rs 350 (Bili Manji). The popular Bangade is available for Rs 80.

Opened on March 8, the outlet has seen steady increase in the inflow of customers. It registers an average Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 and on Sunday it would be higher.

A token system would be adopted to ensure proper distribution, said Tippanna, the manager.

He said: “The cold storage is spacious enough to store a large quantity of fish.”
A canteen will also be opened shortly, he added.

Renukaradhya, an officer, said crabs and ornamental fish along with aquarium of different colours and designs will also be sold at the outlet.