Ornaments of Dasara elephants put on display

Ornaments of Dasara elephants put on display

Ornaments of Dasara elephants put on display

The ornaments with which Dasara elephants are decorated are in itself a treat to the eye. Tourists and residents of Mysore region, who earlier had to satisfy themselves with passing glimpses of these jewels, adorning the jumbos, now have an opportunity to marvel at its artistry from a close range.

Thanks to a newly-built showcase of ornaments, which was inaugurated at Mysore Palace premises recently, people can now have a closer look at them. The gold plated ornaments, made from steel, aluminium and brass are now being displayed in a showcase near the exit of Mysore Palace.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Deputy Director of Palace Board, T S Subramanya said that the permanent showcase worth Rs three lakh has been donated jointly by State Bank of India and State Bank of Mysore (SBM) and was inaugurated by SBMs Managing Director Sharad Sharma.


The display will consist of 12 Netthipattams, the ornament which hangs from the forehead of elephants participating in Jumboo Savari; Singoti, which covers the tusk of howdah elephant; Venchamaram, the sharp edged tool used to control elephants by mahouts, umbrellas, footbells, neck rope and others, are part of the display.

The display also allows tourists to observe the works of artisans, who were hired from Guruvayur, in Kerala, specially to design the ornaments. It can be recalled that new ornaments for Jumboo Savari ornaments was donated by SBI and SBM in 2013, after Palace authorities had sent a representation to the banks, considering the poor State of ornaments.

K N Shivalingaiah, Manager, SBM said that the showcase was also requested by Palace authorities. It consists of secure lock and the necessary lighting to make the ornaments more appealing to the tourists visiting the Palace.


Subramanya said that the showcase has been a major attraction following its inauguration on Friday.

 “People who visit the Palace are thronging the display. Earlier, they could see these ornaments only during Dasara. Now, it is possible for them to see it from a very close range and appreciate the artistry behind it,” he added.