Pig menace haunts several areas in Chikkamagaluru

Pigs roam freely on a road near Basavanahalli Kere.

The stray pig menace continues to cause nuisance in several layouts in Chikkamagaluru.

The residents of Aravinda Nagara, Basavanahalli, Shankarapura, Ramanahalli, Christian Colony, Ayyappa Nagara, Kote, Gandhi Nagara, Tippu Nagara, Lakshmisha Nagara have been haunted by the stray pig menace. 

Further, a pack of pigs roam free in the day time, feeding on garbage piles in vacant spots, and in and around Kempanahalli and Dantaramakki lake, and in Gauri Kaluve areas.

A few residents are engaged in rearing pigs for livelihood.

Residents, who fear spread of diseases, said that the pigs roam in large numbers especially during late evening hours and even block the movement of vehicles.

The pigs also stray into the farm land situated in front of Deepa Nursing Home and at Uppalli and have damaged paddy, jowar, and vegetables. The farmers are worried over protecting their crops from the pigs. 

Kumar, a resident of Kumbara Beedi, said, “Outsiders leave the piglets on the street. After they grow old, they take them back. Those who rear pigs should ensure that others are not inconvenienced. The CMC should initiate strict measures against those who leave the pigs on the streets.” 

Shivamma, a resident of Gauri Kaluve, said pigs roll on slush and mud and then come near houses and rub their body on the walls. The pregnant female pigs also chase people in the vicinity.”

“I had cultivated chickpea on half an acre of land. All the crops were eaten away by the pigs. Last year, I had cultivated beetroot and pigs had damaged it and I had incurred losses,” said H Ramu, a resident of Dantaramakki.

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