Poster menace marring Kolar's beauty

Poster menace marring Kolar's beauty

City Municipal Council which can control the problem remains a mute spectator

Eyesore: The World Cup final match flex posters which the cricket fans had put up at the busy Clock Tower Circle have still not been removed. dh photoHowever, the city municipal council which can control and remove the posters is a mute witness. City’s bus stand, MB Road, Mekke circle, MG Road, Doddapete Road,
Ammavaripete circle, College Road-circle, Domelight circle, clock tower, Antaraganga Road and many electricity poles have become favourite spots for private companies and organisations to put up their advertisements. 

Private schools and colleges are hanging the flex posters carrying the salient features of their institutions. The posters are hung on the boards of a few major extensions and sign boards of roads thus blocking their names.

It is becoming common now-a-days to see the flex pictures of even ordinary citizens who have passed away pasted on trees and major roads and they stay there for months together.

‘Ugly situation’

Though such display of public grief cannot be tolerated, majority of the people have to keep quite as they do not want to hurt the sentiments of the people who have lost their near and dear ones. Even if a few dare oppose such display, there is every chance of a fight breaking out which could result in ugly situations.

The people have become so daring now-a-days that they are not even sparing the compounds of government buildings where there are trees. Thus there is this poster hung to a tree inside the Government PU Composite college compound.

The students have no choice but to pass by every day looking at the obituary poster of an ordinary citizen who had died quite some time ago.

Likewise, the flex posters of the world cup cricket finals featuring the Indian cricketers is still found near the clock tower circle.

These posters are torn after being exposed to rain and wind but the CMC has made no effort to remove them.

Flex posters have also been tied to the road median on the road leading to Bangalore which is build to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic. If the drivers turn their concentration on the posters then there is every possibility of an accident.

“The illegal posters and the ones of the people who have made no contribution to the society found hanging are something even I have noticed. There is a plan put in place to collect the fees from those who have pasted the posters. However, since there is election code of conduct in place because of the byelection in Bangarpet, nothing much can be done till May 15,” said City Municipal Council  Commissioner H Rai.