Preparation for 5-yr plan project for Kolar district

Planning must keep in view long-term welfare, says Cholan

 Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat P Rajendra Cholan has expressed the need for the preparation of a five-year plan project for the development of the district. 

He instructed all gram panchayats and taluk panchayats under Kolar Zilla Panchayat to prepare their respective plans. He said, along with executing State and Union Governments projects, it was necessary for projects to be undertaken useful for the district. “The projects will be extremely beneficial keeping in view the interests of the district.” He further explained that the municipal councils and panchayats had the freedom to have their own plans and submit them before the District Planning Committee for approval. The plans will be further sent to the Government for approval. “Based on the priority of the subject, the Government will release the grants.” But he warned planners not to formulate projects by considering cost alone.  “The focus should be on the priority of the subject that requires immediate attention. Drinking water, road repairs, distribution of the resources, environment conservation, overall development, etc — these are all top priority issues,” he said, during a District Planning Committee meeting. which was held at the auditorium of the Zilla Panchayat on Monday.  The District Planning Committee came into existence in July 2011. It was then decided that the Committee would meet once every three months. On several occasions, meetings had been postponed. The Monday meeting was the first to be held after a gap of a year. Zilla Panchayat President Manjula explained that that is all town council and panchayat bodies prepared their plans as early as possible, and submitted them before the Committee for approval, it make it easier for the project to be studied. “Based on these plans, the districts can be put on the paths of progress. Keeping these things in view, the next Committee meeting should be held next month itself,” she said. Raising objections over the delay in conducting the meetings, ZP member G S Amarnath said it was most surprising to note that the Committee, which despite being in existence for over a year had never convened a proper meeting. “If elected representatives had not bothered to show any interest, at least the officials concerned should have come forward.” He said if the Committee failed top hold meetings once in three months, it would lose its value and importance. “Why was the Committee inactive all this time?” he asked. Regular meetings Other members, C P Nagaraj and G Nagaraj, urged that henceforth at least the Committee should conduct regular meetings. Chief Planning Officer S Dhanush revealed that the development project for the 12th five-year plan, from 2012-17, is all set to be prepared. “Initially, training will be provided at the Abdul Nazeersab Rural Development Training Institute in Mysore. After the training programme, an action plan will be prepared based on the guidelines provided. Workshops will be held at the gram sabhas, ward sabhas, etc.”The assistance and services of subject experts, research institutions and educational intuitions can also be taken in order to prepare far-sighted projects for the district. “On the occasion, the evaluation of the plans of the various departments will also be undertaken,” he added.

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