Public road gives way to sites in Kolar

Public road gives way to sites in Kolar

Public road gives way to sites in Kolar

More than a hundred families reside at Challamma Gardens in Galpete. The main road that    has been used for more than five decades has been split into two sites inconveniencing the movement of residents.

However, two days ago Munivenkatappa has divided the main road into two sites, claiming that he has bought the site four months ago, complained  the residents.

In 2003, the main road was closed for movement of vehicles and residents, as stone slabs were erected on the main road. The road was opened after the residents lodged a complaint with the City Municipal Council.

CMC decision

Responding to the pleas of the residents of Galpete the CMC decided to declare the main road as a public road in its general body meeting.

After five years the main road has been divided into two sites by Munivenkatappa creating nuisance, observed the Galpete residents.

If the main road is handed over to private players fulfiling the drinking water needs of residents would be difficult, as the main pipeline passes through the main road, said the residents.