Riveting folk art treat at Kolar Gold Fields

Riveting folk art treat at Kolar Gold Fields

Nudi Teru saw performances by artistes from far and wide

The Nudi Teru programme in the town on Tuesday, provided the right opportunity for artistes to showcase a number of folk art forms from across the State.

The art enthusiasts here - who for long have only enjoyed local folk art varieties like ‘Dollukunitha’, ‘Gandasara Veeragase’ and ‘Hasyakunitha’ - got a taste of more folk art forms.

Young women performed ‘Nandidhwaja kunitha’ and ‘Mahila Veeragase’. Artistes of ‘Kamsale’ and ‘Patha kunitha’ enthralled the audience with their breathtaking acrobatics. Perfect synchronisation of beats and dance marked the performance of the ‘Tamate’ artistes.

This is probably for the first time that so many folk performers descended on this border town.
Following are the experiences shared by some of the artistes: Arun, Dollukunitha artiste of Kempegowda Janapada Kalavidara Sangha, said they were treated very well. “All of us (the folk artistes) will disperse after the three-day ‘Nudi Teru’ and come together for another performance next month,” he said.  
For Raja, a Kamsale artiste and an agriculturist, “such programmes are a new world of experience”.
Sowmya, a member of the women’s Veeragase team, said the programme in KGF aimed at development of Kannada. She and her team have performed in various other states.

Basawant Kammar, who performs Dodda jagalige, said: “We had to hire our own vehicle to reach here, so as to be able to transport the Dodda jagalige instrument.”

Kannada BhavanaMeanwhile, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Chairman of the Kannada Development Authority (KDA), has expressed disappointment at the Kannada Sangha in the town failing to complete the construction of the Kannada Bhavana, for which an amount of Rs five lakh had been granted from his MLC local area development fund.

“I can get Rs 20 lakh more sanctioned from the other MLAs’ funds. But they have to start the construction of the Bhavana,” said Chandru.

The KDA chairman said he would wait for another three months for the local Kannada Sangha to finish construction of the Kannada Bhavana.

Otherwise, he would transfer the money for other purposes.

Poor response

There were not many in the audience for the inauguration of the Nudi Teru programme. The representatives of only three or four Kannada organisations were seen at the inaugural programme. It is said that the organisers, Kannada and Culture Department had not delegated responsibilities to the various Kannada organisations.

Only the elderly and students were seen occupying the chairs.

The auditorium was more or less empty by the time Union minister K H Muniyappa arrived towards the end of the programme and began his speech.