Sasyodyana beckons nature lovers in Chikkamagaluru

Sasyodyana beckons nature lovers in Chikkamagaluru

The Sasyodyana Park, developed by the Forest Department at Karadihalli Kaval, on the outskirts of the city, has been beckoning nature lovers.

The park has been developed on an area of 30 acres, two kilometre away from the main road of Allampura village.

The park has more than 66 varieties of trees, including teak, jack fruit, Shivani, Nandi, peepul, gooseberry, tamarind, champa, mango, bamboo and neem.

The flower-bearing plants, such as hibiscus, rose and others welcome visitors at the entrance of the park. The atmosphere is cool and gives a soothing experience to visitors.
There are also various play materials for children. The ropeways from tree to tree and also swings are children’s favourite.

Walkers’ path
A walkers’ path has also been laid for walkers. Parents, who bring their children, walk on it while their children play around in the park. The number of visitors is more during Saturdays and Sundays, the department personnel said.