Temperature dips in Kolar district, but people are not chilling out

Temperature dips in Kolar district, but people are not chilling out

Temperature dips in Kolar district, but people are not chilling out

It’s time again for cold vibes in the district. The average temperature is expected to plummet to seven degrees Celsius in the days to come, and the weather is expected to remain chilly for the next one month.

The maximum temperature on Tuesday was 26 degree Celsius, while the minimum was 15 degree Celsius. The temperatures are expected to be 27 and 15 degree Celsius, respectively, on Wednesday.

Wind speeds of 21 km per hour have brought down the day temperatures. While the days are 11.34 hours long, the nights are 13.26 hours.

Woollens are out and the common refrain among the people is that it is colder this winter than last time. The heating effect of sunlight has proved insufficient and it is impossible to take off the mufflers and sweaters even by afternoon, say the people. There is mist till 9 am and sunlight plays hide-and-seek throughout the day.

The average temperatures recorded in the district is between 25 to 30 degree Celsius during winter and 30 to 35 degree Celsius in summer. But, this time, the winter temperatures have dipped below the average, say the people.

While winter has proved a windfall for those selling mufflers, gloves, sweaters and jerkins, potato growers are bearing the brunt of a crop failure.

Horticulture department officials say the falling temperatures are making it difficult to bring the blight disease in potato crops under control at Ankatatti village.

The disease intensifies if the temperature hovers around eight to 10 degree Celsius for 10 days at a stretch. The city is recording a humidity of 85 per cent in the mornings and 65 per cent in the evenings.

“Kolar is known for its pleasant weather. This December has proved otherwise. I have made it a point to drink only purified water this time to keep infections away and wear warm clothes all the time,” Kenchapa one of the residents of the city told Deccan Herald.