Transformation is need of hour: Bellary Bishop

Transformation is need of hour: Bellary Bishop

Tirumalesh, Peter Lewis, Padre, 7 others conferred Sandesha Awards

As many as 10 achievers accepted the prestigious Sandesha Award-2012, instituted by Sandesha Foundation, on Sunday in Mangalore.

Dr K V Tirumalesh (Sandesha Kannada Literature Award), M Madhava Pai (Sandesha Konkani Literature Award), Catherine Rodrigues (Sandesha Tulu Literature Award), Peter Lewis (Sandesha Arts Award), Indudhara Honnapura (Sandesha Journalism Award), Shree Padre (Sandesha Media Education Award) and Sr Maria AC (Sandesha Best Teacher Award) received the awards in person.

Sandesha Cinema/TV Award was conferred on Geethapriya (Laxman Rao Mohite) in absentia and Sandesha Konkani Music Award was conferred on Jerome D’Souza posthumously, which was accepted by his wife Agnes D’Souza.

Sandesha Special Recognition Award was conferred on John D’Silva.

Chief Guest of the programme, renowned writer Vaidehi said that at a juncture of time when the society is becoming highly commercialised, the 10 persons who have been given the award stand out for their deeds of selflessness and service mindedness.

“They are a section of those people who do not rest till the idea in their mind materialises and culminates to become reality. During the course of this, if they get awards and appreciations they accept it humbly and if they do not get recognitions, they continue their work with equal deal of hard work and sincerity,” she said.

Bishop of Bellary and Sandesha Foundation Chairman Rev Dr Henry D’Souza said that on one hand, there are great achievers like the 10 who received Sandesha Awards and institutions recognising their services.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, we as society are posed with a question as to ‘where are we going and what are we becoming?’

He said that with apprehensions being raised on the future, more and more people should strive for ‘transformation for the good,’ which is the need of the hour.

Citing example of his visit to Ralegoan Siddhi, the village ‘made’ by Gandhian Anna Hazare, he said that this kind of selfless service is an example for everyone. “It is a tale of a patriotic who serviced the army as a driver but dreamt of transformation in this village, which he did materialize, without even building a home for himself,” he said adding that words of Mother Teresa- “I was born an Albanian, I am an Indian citizen, I am a Catholic nun by belief but I belong to entire world by Service” shows the greatness of people who dedicated themselves for the sake of humanity.

Mangalore Bishop Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza presided over the programme. Sandesha Foundation Director Fr Valerian Mendonca among others were present.