Two schools in Kolar district escape closure

Two schools in Kolar district escape closure

Number of students increases over the last academic year

Saved: The number of students at the Gajaladinne Government Lower Primary School in Kolar taluk has increased, shutting out fear of the school being closed. DH photo

Some of the schools here that faced a drop in the number of students last year have had an increase this year.

Number and condition

The Government Lower Primary School in Gajaladinne is one such school.

Last year, there were seven students in class 1, two in class 2, one in class 3, adding up to just 10 students in the school.

There were no students in classes 4 and 5, leading the Department for Education to decide to close the school.

This year, howev er, the school presents a different, more positive picture. Class 1 has 11 students, 2 has eight, 3 has three and 4 has four students. The schools has a total of 26 students this year.

Working to get students

Speaking with Deccan Herald about the situation, headmistress in-charge T M Bharathi said, “About 20 students attend the school. The school progress committee too have assured to help to prevent closure and also to increase number of students.”

She agreed that the number was much lesser last year.

“A private school had promised free education, attracting several students. But, dissatisfied with the tutoring in the school, the students returned to our school,” Bharathi explained.

She also said the members of the school committee worked to appease the parents and get them to send their children to the Gajaladinne school.

Urdu School

The Government Urdu Lower Primary School in Gaddekannur had five students last year. This year there is one more student.

“But now, our school is not in danger of being closed,” said teacher Nanjundappa.

Another teacher added that the number of several schools marked last year by the Department for closure or for merging with other schools could also have increased this year.

“The Department should take such facts into account before taking further action,” said the teacher.