Don’t restrict my identity to music: T M Krishna

Don’t restrict my identity to music: T M Krishna

Carnatic musician T M Krishna. (DH Photo)

Magsaysay award-winning musician T M Krishna said on Thursday that change should begin from the top for the good of the nation.

“Those at the helm of affairs should break their silence on the issues ailing the society. If they ask their supporters and followers to mend their ways, the rest will fall in place. If the leaders continue their silence, their followers will go bulldozing all,” he told DH.

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Krishna, who is in the city, to present two concerts and interact with music students, said, “For me, the sacred duty is to question sincerely. If there is no forum for raising questions for interaction and exchange of ideas, it is not at all a society. Those in power should be open to criticism and they should also respect criticism”.

“Now, I am used to cancellation of my concerts. My concerts were cancelled in Washington DC, New Delhi and Chennai. There were threats and opposition in Mysuru also,” he said.

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“There is politics in all aspects of life. An apolitical person is not at all a citizen. But the current political system is dividing both the people and their ideologies. There are conspiracies to curb the freedom of thought, visualisation, feelings, debate, opinion, viewpoint and opposition,” Krishna said.

“India is a multi-cultural nation. Culture is a complex term. It is not bound by the lines we draw on the map. Thus, there is no such thing called Bharatiya Samskruthi (Indian culture). India is a model for other nations due to its multi-cultural identity. One should not dictate terms to the people on their choice of clothing and food habits. Culture should unite people, it should not be used to divide people,” he said.

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Commenting on his earlier statement that we need better leaders than Prime Minister Narendra Modi and AICC president Rahul Gandhi, Krishna said, we need leaders who can reciprocate the feelings of the people. “Whoever it is, one should be able to take all citizens along,” the vocalist said.

“I do not want my identity to be restricted to music. So, I take to delivering speeches and writing. They are a means to express my opinion on current issues,” he said.

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