Elephant rescued from slush pit in Sakleshpur

Elephant rescued from slush pit in Sakleshpur

The calf rushes towards its mother after the elephant was rescued in a two-day-long operation in Sakleshpur taluk. The jumbo was stuck in a slush pit at a coffee estate for the past three days DH Photos/Janekere Paramesh

The elephant, which was stuck in a slush pit at a coffee estate at Kadagaravalli village in Hassan taluk, since three days, was rescued on Tuesday with the help of earthmovers and tamed elephants.

Its left forelimb is injured and there is swelling. As it was too heavy and the pit was narrow, it had become difficult for the rescue operation. As it could not move and could not have food, it had become weak. Its calf was helplessly watching it since it fell into the pit. The calf would walk aimlessly, wail, try to climb on its mother and hold it with its trunk. The calf could not have milk for three days.

The restless calf was also a hindrance in the rescue operation, as it would attack the rescuers with its trunk. Sometimes, it would kick from behind. So, it had to be tied, to make the rescue operation a success.

The Forest department personnel had made several attempts to lift the elephant for two days. They had also provided plantains and some leaves to the elephant as food at regular intervals.

On Tuesday, tamed elephants Harsha and Vikram were brought from Dubare camp, in Kodagu district, for the rescue operation. A huge excavator was brought again. The elephant was tied securely with belts and lifted out.

Veterinarian Dr Nagaraj from Mysuru Zoo, ACFs Lingaraju, Mohan and Pruthvi were present.