Exam fear? Minister mulls 'open book' system

Exam fear? Minister mulls 'open book' system

N Mahesh

Primary and Secondary Education Minister N Mahesh on Sunday claimed that the existing ‘closed book exam’ was unscientific and said the department was mulling over introducing the system of ‘open book exam’ for the benefit of students.

Speaking to reporters here, the minister said the closed book exam was created just for 2% to 3% students.

“The system of conducting tests for students after the teachers complete the lessons should be done away with. The teachers should prepare a set of question papers and tell the students to write the answers by referring the textbook. If the students still find it difficult, they should be allowed to discuss with other students and write. This will remove exam fear from students,” he said.

“There are also plans to introduce English right from the primary level. Learning English is inevitable in the modern world. The department is thinking of imparting English as a subject in the schools, simultaneously with the mother tongue. Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has also shown interest. Priority will be given to skilled education,” he said.

Not only students, teachers too should not carry mobile phones to the classroom, the minister said.