Flood threat looms large over Karnataka

Flood threat looms large over Karnataka

Flood threat looms large over Karnataka

The flood situation is turning grim in many parts of the State. Crops have been washed away in rising river water levels at many places.

The heavy rains in the forests of Khanapur taluk in Belgaum district have led to the flooding of the Chikle-Parwad road, hindering traffic. Villages in the jurisdiction of the Nersa Gram Panchayat have lost connectivity. 

The Yadoga-Chapgaon, Olmani-Uchwade and Modekoppa-Koupurwada bridges have been closed due to flooding of the Mangotri stream. 

Asoga recorded 48.6 mm rainfall on Tuesday. Beedi recorded 16.2 mm, Kakkeri 13.4, Gunji 51.8, Londa 61 mm, Nagargali 48.1 mm, Jamboti 25.8 mm and Khanapur town 30.6 mm. The water levels in River Krishna and its tributaries have been receding for the past 24 hours in Chikodi taluk. The Karadga-Bhoj bridge that had submerged in the river water reopened for traffic on Tuesday. 

Rains have subsided in the past three days in Maharashtra and it has led to the water inflow from the neighbouring state receding. Among the six submerged bridges that have been reopened for road traffic are Akkol-Sidnal, Bhojwadi-Kunnar and Karadga-Bhoj. The Mallikwad-Dattawad, Kallol-Yadur and Jatrat-Bhiveshi bridges continue to remain submerged.  

Water discharge from Maharashtra into River Krishna and its tributaries has come down to 1,06,285 cusecs. Water inflow from Kalammawadi dam into River Doodhganga was 14,128 cusecs and from Rajapur barrage into River Krishna was 92,157 cusecs. 


The water level in the Varada, Tunga and Kumudwati rivers are rising steadily, due to heavy rains in the catchment areas. The flood situation in Sagar, Hosanagar and Thirthahalli taluks has not ceased yet.

The water level in Linganamakki dam rose to 1803.95 feet against the maximum level of 1819 feet as catchment areas of the dam received a rainfall of 88.20 mm. The inflow of water was 47547.00 cusecs. 

The water level in Harangi reservoir in Hassan district stood at 2,856.5 feet. The inflow was 12,005 cusecs and the outflow 9,900 cusecs.


Holiday has been declared for schools and colleges in Subramanya in Dakshina Kannada district, with water flowing above the bridge across River Kumaradhara. Rising river water levels inundated paddy fields in Shantalli hobli of Kodagu district.