Forest fire scares people around Turahalli

Forest fire scares people around Turahalli

Fire at Turahalli forest in Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Coping with the massive destruction of precious flora by the forest fire across Karnataka, the Karnataka Forest Department was on Wednesday yet again confronted with multiple incidents of the forest fire in Bengaluru.

The Turahalli Reserve Forest area within the Hemmigepura ward limits in Southern Bengaluru reported fire incidents. However, the timely intervention by the neighbourhood residents welfare associations and Fire brigade averted a major disaster as the raging fire was put out after a relentless fire fighting exercise.

The vigilant residents inhabiting the areas abutting the undulating boundary of Turahalli forest on Wednesday morning alerted the forest department officials about the fires. Soon, fire was spotted at many places and brought to the notice of the officials. Citizens revealed this was the third time that they were spotting fire in less than four weeks. The locals, especially the apartment dwellers, helped the fire brigade replenish their fire tenders by allowing access to the water tanks. 

While a few citizens alleged it to be an act of sabotage by the land sharks, the forest department clarified it was looking into the matter. “There were three to four fire incidents and all of them have been attended to on time. Thanks to the local population and fire brigade, our officials successfully contained the fire. We have taken up the issue and investigating further to find out miscreants who may have set the fire,” said Dipika Bajpai, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Bengaluru Urban.

The residents also alleged that the chain-mesh fence at a few stretches had been damaged by miscreants paving way for their nefarious activities inside the forest. Acknowledging the damage, Dipika said, “Such stretches will be taken up on a priority basis and fencing will be replaced.” It may be recalled that the forest department has slapped several notices on various builders and institutions for encroaching on the Turahalli Forest area and has been pursuing a legal fight at various courts to reclaim the land.