Goa's fish import rule hits Karnataka traders hard

Goa's fish import rule hits Karnataka traders hard

DH file photo.

The Goa government’s new rule on import of fish has hit the traders from Karnataka and other neighbouring states hard.

On Friday night, the Goa police prevented 50 fish-laden lorries from Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu from entering into Goa, at Polem checkpost.

As per the circular by the Goa government, fish traders have to obtain a licence, under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, from the Directorate of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Also the lorries transporting fish to Goa have to obtain licence from FDA directorate from the respective states. Failing which, fish from other states will not be allowed to enter Goa. New norms have proved a bane for fish traders from Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu hard.

A lorry driver from Udupi, Ganesh, expressed his anguish against the Goan authorities, “We were not aware of the new rules. The police prevented us at Polem checkpost on late Friday night claiming that they received order at 8 pm. We have brought fish from Udupi, Mangaluru, Kasargod, Malpe, Bhatkal and Karwar. How can we return with loads of fish. If the fish is not unloaded from lorries in 24 hours, we will suffer losses to tune of crores.”

CM Manohar Parrikar had banned the entry of fish from other states, in July, in the wake of formalin scare. But the ban was overturned later.