Golden throne ready for ‘Khas Durbar’

Golden throne ready for ‘Khas Durbar’

Police personnel guard the assembled Simhasana at the Durbar Hall of the Mysuru Palace, in Mysuru, on Thursday.

Ahead of the private durbar, to be conducted by Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, scion of the erstwhile royal family, during the Navaratri festival, the diamond-studded golden throne, Simhasana, was assembled at the Mysuru Palace, on Thursday.

The main seat, the umbrella, the flight of steps leading to the seat and other parts, which were kept in the Palace strongroom, were brought out under tight security.

The assembling work commenced at 10 am and was completed by noon. While the throne was assembled at the Durbar Hall, Bhadrasana was assembled at the Kannadi Thotti. Due to the private durbar in Mysuru Palace and other rituals during Dasara celebrations, entry of visitors to the Palace has been restricted on a few days. 

On October 4, the entry was restricted into the Palace from 10 am to 1 pm for the assembling of the throne. On October 10, the entry will be restricted up to 2.30 pm; on October 18, up to 1.30 pm; and on October 19 for the full day. The golden throne will be dismantled on November 2.