Hasanamba row: devotees plan signature campaign, stir

Hasanamba row: devotees plan signature campaign, stir

Priest Rakshit Bhardwaj

The Hasanamba temple, in Hassan, is mired in controversy after a group of progressive thinkers raised their voices against the district administration promoting superstitions and thereby misleading the people.

The devotees have taken it seriously and are claiming it as anti-Hindu propaganda. Addressing media persons, priest Rakshit Bhardwaj of Anjaneyaswami temple warned that a mass movement would be planned, if the rationalists try to hurt the sentiments of the people, in the name of busting myths.

The deity is being worshipped for centuries. There are several rituals, followed as per Hindu customs. Hasanambe jatra will begin in a few days and the Indian Science and Knowledge Committee is deliberately trying to create a disturbance, he said.

Thousands of devotees from across the state and also other states visit the temple to have darshan of the deity. The temple comes under the Muzarai department and no document of the department mentions the perennially-burning lamp and flowers remaining fresh even after a year. The district administration had mentioned about the miracle on the invitation cards last year. But, the Science committee’s debate of busting myths of the temple is the height of stupidity. They are trying to disturb peace and harmony, he alleged.

Advocate Manukumar said, “By claiming to expose the myths of Hasanamba temple, they are trying to hurt the religious sentiments of the people. As per law, religious preference is one’s personal issue and nobody has the right to infringe on the religious preferences and rights of others.”

Signature campaign

Voice of Hassan, an organisation, will begin a signature campaign in the city on Tuesday. Women devotees have planned a protest in front of the temple, against the committee, he said.

The doors of the temple, which is opened once a year, will be opened on November 1. The devotees believe that the lamp stays live and the flowers and prasada stay fresh when the temple doors are opened after a year.