I-T complaint says DKS involved in hawala deals

I-T complaint says DKS involved in hawala deals

D K Shivakumar

The Income Tax (I-T) department has claimed that Water Resources and Medical Education Minister D K Shivakumar has engaged himself in transportation of unaccounted cash through hawala channels.

In the fourth complaint filed before the special court for economic offences, the I-T has stated that Rs 8.5 crore cash seized from four premises in New Delhi during the August 2017 raids, was directly related to Shivakumar.

After taking cognizance of the complaint by the I-T, the special court for economic offences had issued summons to Shivakumar, his business associates Sachin Narayan, Sunil Kumar Sharma, proprietor of Sharma Travels, to appear before it on August 2. Summons were also issued to Shivakumar’s liaison officer in Delhi, Anjaneya Hanumanthaiah, and retired government servant Rajendra, who presently works for Sharma.

Shivakumar and Sachin Narayan were directors in Zeus Constructions Pvt Ltd till 2014 and also in Dollars Construction Private Limited. Apart from this, both have several financial transactions. The I-T complaint stated that Shivakumar, along with business associate Sachin Narayan and Sharma, bought the flats in Delhi that were searched. The flats served two purposes, to entertain Shivakumar’s guests and to store unaccounted cash belonging to Shivakumar, the complaint stated.

According to I-T officials, both Shivakumar and Sharma failed to explain the sources of the cash seized. The I-T complaint stated that Sharma admitted he did not have any business operation or office in Delhi, but could not explain why cash was transported from Bengaluru to Delhi. In fact, during the investigation, Sharma offered to pay the tax liable for the cash seized, the complaint stated. As far as the seizure of Rs 8.5 crore cash, Shivakumar admitted that only Rs 41 lakh belonged to him. This cash was seized from the apartment in his name. Shivakumar has claimed that his family owns around 100 acres of agricultural land and that the cash found was out of the agricultural income.

Anjaneya Hanumanthaiah is an assistant liaison officer in Karnataka Bhavan, New Delhi. He is a Karnataka government employee and acts at the behest of Shivakumar on his private business transactions. According to Income Tax report, Anjaneya Hanumanthaiah was responsible for storing and handling of unaccounted currency belonging to Shivakumar in Delhi. Rajendra N was a caretaker of Karnataka Bhavan in Delhi. After retirement, he worked under late Suresh Kumar Sharma, former proprietor of Sharma Transports, and presently works under Shivakumar and Sunil Kumar Sharma.

Cash seized in New Delhi

 Flat No 1, Karnataka Government Staff Quarters, Sector-6, RK Puram, New Delhi (Anjaneya Hanumanthaiah) – Rs 12 lakh
- No 17, B-4, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi – Rs 1.37 crore
- No 107, B-2, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi – Rs 41 lakh (Shivakumar)

- No 201, B-5, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi- Rs 6.61 crore (from the room used by DKS) and Rs 7.58 lakh (from Sunil Sharma’s room)

Documents seized

The I-T claims to have seized various incriminating material such as diaries and loose sheets with entries running into crores of rupees of unaccounted transactions from the house of Rajendra at MIG Flats, Sarai Julens, Sukhdev Vihar in New Delhi. Most of the entries in the diary referred to transactions as KG. According to IT complaint, KG is a coded language for Rs one lakh lakh. For example, Rs 65 lakh is written as 65 KG,’’ the complaint stated. However, in his statement, Sharma said that all the words KG referred to cargo deliveries.