IIM-B students to put Jaipur Foot forward

IIM-B students to put Jaipur Foot forward

IIM-B students to put Jaipur Foot forward

The premier institute is contemplating introducing a small module on one of the smartest innovations in the country in order to train the future managers better, sources say.

At present, nearly 65 students are pursuing EPGP at IIM-B. EPGP is a one-year full-time residential MBA programme offered by IIM-B for executives with at least seven years of work experience. The second batch of EPGP at the premier institute has been drawn students from various fields such as banking, information technology (IT), manufacturing and the Armed forces.

The success of a recent social responsibility event conducted by EPGP students has motivated the authorities to think so, sources add. At a recent Jaipur Foot Camp organised at the IIM-B, custom-made prosthetic limbs were fitted in 23 patients. Importantly, the entire cost for each of the prosthetic limbs was borne by the students and teachers of the management school.

Commenting on the success of the event, Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM-B, noted that the premier B-school was not just about teaching business but also about getting involved in social causes.

Permanent feature

If the proposal is approved, a camp comprising sessions on manufacturing as well as fitting the artificial limb will be a permanent feature of the programme. “We are fully committed to social causes and the efficient use of manpower and money at non-profit organisations. Jaipur foot is an excellent example of how money and resources can effectively be utilised,” Pankaj Jain, an EPGP student at the institute said.

According to Pankaj, a few other EPGP students are also planning to do case studies on the same topic. “Many people think that management students are interested only in fat salaries at MNCs. But, we do get involved in social causes,” he adds.