IIT/JEE: Six from B'lore figure in top 100

IIT/JEE: Six from B'lore figure in top 100

IIT/JEE: Six from B'lore figure in top 100

Six students from Bangalore, including two from the Scheduled Tribes category have secured ranks within the top 100.  The highest rank among the six was 38, secured by Shanbhag Anil Atmanand, a student from Vidyavardhaka Sangha First grade college, Basaveshwarnagar.

Anil had also stood first among the CET Engineering rank holders this year. He aspires to join either IIT Madras or Bombay and wants to be an electrical engineer. Studying for nearly four hours a day, Anil is trying to relax now.  "I am making up for the time I spent studying during these two years by watching a lot of movies. I enjoyed watching Ghajini and Dhoom 2. I am addicted to my PlayStation Portable," he said.

The CET Engineering 3rd rank holder, Vageesh D C bagged the 52nd rank in IIT/JEE.  This student from KLE Society's S Nijalingappa Independent PU College said there is no substitute for hard work.  

Vageesh who used to study for four to five hours a day, wants to take up research work in Electrical and wishes to get a seat in IIT, Madras in the Electrical Department. He loves to play the violin and advises his juniors to have confidence in themselves and put in 100 per cent efforts into what they are doing.  

Abhinav Deshpande who stood 54th in the IIT/JEE ranking says that planning his study schedule and being consistent in working towards his goal helped him to get his rank. This student from KLE is inspired by APJ Abdul Kalam and later wants to take up MSc in Physics in the field of research.

He loves to write poems and listens to music. He wants to teach people Gandhian principles and wants to use his research methods to help the poor. A N Prajwal, who secured 69th rank, wants to study Computer Science in IIT Bombay or Madras.  The student of Vidya Mandir Pre-university College secured 94 per cent in his PUC and scored 5th rank in CET Engineering this year. "You need to have your fundamentals right to understand any subject," he said.  Prajwal advised his juniors to never miss out on preparations before studying any subject.

Shreyas C stands 31st in ST category. He advised his juniors who are planning to write IIT/JEE to approach this exam with calm and confidence.  "You have to do well in your monthly exam and learn to be confident during exam," he said. He aspires to be an IAS officer and plans to take up politics later.

 Tejasvini K, who stands 72nd in the ST category, had a daily planner and used her time effectively to excel in the IIT/JEE examination. She loves to do portrait sketching and aspires to join IIT, Madras in the Department of Electronics and Communications.  "I want to teach the politicians to be punctual and disciplined and I want to be a good citizen," she said.