'Increasing milk production achievement of Cong govt'

Increasing milk production, capital investment are all achievements of our government: Siddaramaiah

(DH File Photo)

Karnataka Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Thursday, took it to twitter to criticise the ruling BJP government over failing to implement multiple resolutions, especially that of rising milk prices in the state.

He said, "In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling @ BJP4Karnataka, the government should immediately announce the gazette and start construction of the Kasa-Banduri Nilai in Samarpodi. There should be no shortage of funds for the project. (sic)"

"Only 55 lakh litres of milk was produced before our government made an incentive. Now our state is ranked second in the country in milk production because it is our government and not the current BJP government," tweeted Siddaramaiah.

He also said, "We have launched a scheme to provide milk producers with an incentive of Rs 5 per litre, 4 crores per day incentive. Due to this, more than 80 lakh liters of milk is produced today."

"It is 7 months since the BJP government arrived. Has anybody started a new crowdfunding project? In his speech, the minister said that the increase in forestry was his achievement. Increasing milk production, capital investment are all the achievements of our government," the Congress leader said.