'Integrated approach needed to fight climate change'

“Global warming and climate change are the byproducts of interaction of many elements. There is a need for strong research to devise strategies that could protect our environment,” Nair said during the launch of a book on the need to conserve bio-diversity.

The brain behind several applications which benefited the common man exuded confidence that technology and research could offer solutions to reduce the carbon foot prints, but pointed out that the stakeholders should work together to bring some change.

Asked about the impact of scientific developments on conservation, he said that striking a balance is extremely necessary.

“Science can offer solutions for trapping carbon to harmless products like methane. However, green initiatives would not fetch the desired results without the backing of science. For example, initiatives like tree planting would not fetch the results unless they do it scientifically,” he explained.

Several experts, including the author C H Basappanavar, were present at the launch organised at the Press Club.

Describing his new book, the author said that it was the desire to spread awareness on issues like climate change and bio-diversity conservation that had prompted him to write it.

The author insisted that systematic conservation of greenery is the solution for several environment problems. “In this international year of bio-diversity, what we need to do is to understand how dependent we are on the blue green algae, ants, bees, tigers, and elephant and so on,” he added.

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