'Iran's nuclear fuel swap deal does not address all concerns'

'Iran's nuclear fuel swap deal does not address all concerns'

'Iran's nuclear fuel swap deal does not address all concerns'

"While we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the Turks and Brazilians, I think it is important to understand that that agreement alone does not address or that proposal alone in its limited form does not fully address all of the concerns that the P5-plus-1 and the larger international community have with Iran's nuclear program," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said at his daily press briefing.

"I think it's important to understand that the proposal that Iran says they've entered into now is less than what they agreed to eight months ago. They did not agree to, as they had in October, sit down with the P5-plus-1 to have a broader, fuller discussion about Iran's nuclear program," he said in response to a question.|

Iran did not agree to provide unfettered access to its nuclear facilities, Gibbs said, adding the proposal does not address in any form the increased enrichment that Tehran claimed it was undertaking to provide material for its research reactor.

Asserting that there are responsibilities that the Iranians have and that they must undertake, Gibbs said: "While the proposal that was outlined on Monday would be a step in the right direction because of the amount of low-enriched uranium that would be transferred -- again, assuming that the Iranians kept up their end of the deal, which has not -- has almost never been the case -- we have had eight months of progression."

The progression has included increased enrichment, Gibbs said, adding the proposal, again, failed to live up to even what Tehran wanted to do eight months ago
The White House spokesman appreciated the role played by Brazil and Turkey in this regard.

"I would again acknowledge the role that they played in trying to get Iran to live up to its obligations. I think the international community, by releasing the consensus of the P5- plus-1 after that, understands that there is more that has to be done," Gibbs said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg met visiting Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Bulent Arnic at the State Department.

The proposed Sanction against Iran as tabled in the UN Security Council was one of the major topic of discussion.

Early this week, the US had distributed a draft resolution to the UN Security Council members after it reached an agreement with China, Russia and its key members in this regard.

"The resolution that's been tabled is now being evaluated by the entire Security Council, and we will continue to consult broadly on the particulars in the coming days and weeks...," Crowley said.

The US wants "new measures and new teeth" to the existing measures from all countries as part of their international obligation, the official said, adding America was still looking for and expecting support within the Council for a new sanctions resolution against Iran.

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