Jellyfish scare on Tagore beach in Karwar

Jellyfish scare on Tagore beach in Karwar

A jellyfish lies on Rabindranath Tagore beach

Thousands of jellyfish, spotted at Rabindranath Tagore beach here on Friday morning, caused scare among walkers.

After lying for hours on the shore, with much difficulty the fish crawled and got back to the sea water.

Though a few walkers wanted to push them back to the sea, they stayed back fearing the fish venom.

According to Jagannath Rathod, the expert on marine life and the head of the Karnatak University’s PG Centre, the venomous jellyfish might have been washed ashore due to low oxygen zones or severe toxicity in the Arabian sea.

The jellyfish are classified as toxic and non-toxic. Most jellyfish stings are harmless to human beings and cause only a mild irritation. However, a few jellyfish species are venomous and can cause harm. Its sting may cause severe itching and pain for a longer period, he said.