Kannada writers in soup as police raid 'illegal party'

Kannada writers in soup as police raid 'illegal party'

A delegation of Kannada Development Authority (KDA) members and Kannada writers had to cut a sorry figure after their “illegal party” was raided by the Delhi Police following a complaint by a Supreme Court judge at Karnataka Bhavan here on Wednesday.

Members of the delegation are learnt to have “partied illegally” till late night at Karnataka Bhavan-I, where they were staying. Supreme Court judge Justice Dinesh Maheshwari, who was earlier Chief Justice of the Karnataka HC, was also staying in the same building.

When the loud noise and the talk by the crowd disturbed the judge, he reportedly sent his personal security officer to request them not to disturb others. When the noise continued, the judge reportedly called the police.

Nearly a dozen policemen arrived at the Bhavan in upmarket Chanakyapuri, closed the main gate and did not allow anyone to go outside. They also entered the room where the party was going on. Some in the crowd gave the slip to the police and tried to escape from the fire exit. The police are learnt to have said that they will conduct medical tests on those present. 

Resident Commissioner Nilay Mitash, who was summoned from home, tried to do damage control. He pleaded with the police not to book a case, since all guests came to Delhi for Kannada works, an eyewitness said.

An official of the Bhavan, who scanned CCTV footage, found outsiders entering the guest house and bringing in bags, sources said. Consumption of liquor is strictly banned in the Bhavan.

It was found that a few Delhi-based writers, who were part of the delegation, availed accommodation, violating norms. Accommodation is given only to outsiders.

The delegation, which comprised 14 members, mostly office bearers of KDA, writers and professors from Bengaluru, had come to Delhi to meet union ministers to press “pro-Kannada causes”. Chief secretary Vijaya Bhaskar has sought a report from Mitash.

KDA chief S G Siddaramaiah told reporters that “a few members were discussing various issues. After getting to know about the judge’s complaint, I requested them to disperse and they agreed. The police conducted no medical tests.”