Actor Irrfan Khan's link with Karnataka's Mysuru

Actor Irrfan Khan's link with Karnataka's Mysuru

Actor Irrfan Khan and social activist Prasanna at Badanavalu village.

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, who passed away on Wednesday, had participated in the Badanavalu movement in Nanjangud, and had visited Mysuru a couple of times, in the recent past.

In 2015, the actor had visited Badanavalu, a village near Nanjangud, to support theatre personality and social activist Prasanna, who launched a movement to promote sustainable living.

Khan, along with his wife Sutapa Sikdar, had stayed overnight in the village along with Prasanna.

He advocated to boycott China products and promoted to use ‘swadesi’ products. He also had urged the villagers not to migrate to cities from the villages. Badanavalu village is known for its khadi unit that was established by Dalit women in 1927. Mahatma Gandhi had visited this village in 1932 and Gandhi wanted to promote the village industries.

Khan also had participated in ‘Chinnara Mela’ a summer camp for children, hosted by Rangayana in Mysuru and spent time with children.

In 2016, Irrfan Khan had participated in ‘Bahuroopi 2016’, a national theatre festival at Kalamandira in Mysuru. Khan had expressed his views on Indian diversity.