After ginger, its turn of banana in Kodagu

After ginger, its turn of banana in Kodagu

Cavendish variety of banana grown in Virajpet. DH Photo

The farmers were growing Cavendish banana on a pilot basis six years ago. However, now they have made it a permanent affair. The Cavendish banana grown in Kodagu is similar to that of the banana grown in Kerala. It has the same taste and size. In Kerala, Cavendish banana is used in medicine for indigestion among kids. One banana weighs 300 to 400 gm.

Every week, 10 to 15 tonnes of Cavendish banana is supplied to Calicut, Thalassery, Kannur, Kootuparambu from South Kodagu. One kg of Cavandish banana is sold between Rs 14 to 16 in wholesale in Kerala while Cavendish banana from Kerala costs between Rs 20 to 25.

Cavendish banana is grown in Balele, Karmadu, Kanoor, Mayamudi, Maldare, Ghattadalla, Siddapura, Heggala, Kedamullur, Thora, Permumbadi and Makutta. As Cavandish banana is grown in Kodagu, there is less demand for Cavendish banana from Kerala. As wholesale merchants in Kodagu are dependent on inter-state market, there is continuous demand for Cavendish banana growin in Kodagu, said merchants.

For temples

There is a great deamand for ‘Elakki’ banana grown in Kodagu in Hunsoor, Mysore, Bangalore and Kerala. ‘Marabale’ or ‘Kaadubale’ which is grown in South Kodagu has demand in temples of Tamil Nadu for making ‘Rasayana prasadam.’ The Palani temple in Tamil Nadu has been preparing ‘Rasayana prasadam’ using Marabale from Kodagu.

About five to 10 tonne ‘Marabale’ grown in South Kodagu is supplied to Palani temple every week. The cost of Marabale is Rs 7 to 8 in wholesale.

The growers supply it according to the demand from the temple.