Aspirants flood party offices in Chikkaballapur

A problem of plenty for panchayat polls

Party meetings and conventions are the order of the day and leaders are taking part in large numbers, along with their supporters and making claims that they will certainly get the high command’s nod for contesting. They are also trying to influence the leaders through those considered to be close to the leaders.

The ticket aspirants are trying to impress the leaders by virtually parading hordes of villagers as their supporters and making the latter sing their paeans.

Leaders are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the competition among ticket aspirants doesn’t lead to dissidence in the party.

Hoping for prudence

It is generally believed that people in the district are prudent enough and make a wise choice in elections. Irrespective of the party, people tend to vote for a candidate with clean record and who can be expected to work for the development of the constituency, if elected.

Thus parties face a litmus test in not only choosing the right candidate, but also convincing the voters to come to the polling booths on the day of the election and vote for their candidate. 

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