Collect tax in time or pay up, CMC officers told

Collect tax in time or pay up, CMC officers told

Collect tax in time or pay up, CMC officers told

 A G Kodgi, chairperson of Third Finance Commission, has warned that Municipal and Panchayat officers who neglected revenue collection should make up for the loss themselves.

“The collection of revenue and providing amenities are symbiotic as one cannot collect revenue without providing amenities nor give facilities for free. The jobs are the responsibility of the local administrative officers, who are expected to do so with diligence,”  said Kodgi, at a meeting of the task force at the Kolar Zilla Panchayat auditorium on Thursday.

Staff and space

Kodgi and Commission member Thimmegowda rejected the explanation offered by CMC president Nazia and municipal commissioner Mahendra Kumar that the municipality lacked enough staff and space.

“The CMC should have managed to collect a minimum of Rs three crore, forgoing building rent of Rs 90 lakh,” said Thimmegowda, but the president and commissioner failed to explain why the CMC had failed to do so.

Deputy Commissioner D S Vishwanath added that the CMC revenue collection had reduced from 19 per cent to 15 per cent.

“The revenue collection target has been increasing every year, but the actual collection of the CMC is decreasing, since the members and officers have grossly neglected it,” said Thimmegowda.

‘Drought no hindrance’

CMC vice-president Khaleel Ahmed cited drought as the reason for non-collection of revenue.

Dissatisfied, Kodgi and Thimmegowda said that the drought had affected other taluks in the district as well. “But the municipalities there have not failed to miserably in collection. The reason cannot be logical,” they said and added that commercial activities in the urban areas had not shrunk because of the drought.

“The local organisations have been wasting water, adding to the problems of the citizens,” the Commission officers said.

‘Issue notice’

CMC officers were told to list out names of citizens who have failed to pay taxes and send them notices. “If they fail to respond, try getting the money directly from their bank accounts,” added Thimmegowda.

Dr Mahendra S Kanthi, a member of the task force, and Rajendra Cholan, CEO of the Zilla Panchayat were present.