Confiscate assets of terrorists in Kodagu: MLA

Confiscate assets of terrorists in Kodagu: MLA

Petition submitted to Home Minister

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, he said he had drawn the government’s attention towards terrorist activities in the district during an Assembly session.

“When I urged the government to confiscate the assets of terrorists in the Assembly, I had received some threat letters too. I had informed police regarding four strange youth staying in Garagandur two years back. But police did not investigate into the case properly,” he alleged.

“A petition had been submitted to Home Minister Dr V S Acharya regarding terrorist Nazeer who was hiding in Kodagu. I had urged stringent actions against him. I have submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister too on Friday. But a former MLA has made unnecessary allegations against me,” the MLA said.

“It is suspected that people with terrorist links are still staying at places like Nelyahudikeri, Hosathota, Kodlipet and Siddapur. The terrorist who planned to assassinate senior BJP leader L K Advani at Coimbatore was staying at Nelyahudikeri. Many more such people are suspected to be hiding in Kodagu. Police should not neglect this,” Ranjan said.

Answering a question on a former TP member giving land to Nazeer to grow ginger, the MLA said he has no objection for police enquiring the case and taking action against the culprits. He said the victory of Medappa is sure in the forthcoming Council polls. The local body members will support us looking at the State government’s achievements, he said.

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has instructed the Deputy Commissioner and the Superintendent of Police not to harass the plantation workers regarding converting the number plates of the haired jeeps into yellow colour, he said.

Awaiting a berth
“The CM has asked to wait till March for a ministerial berth for Kodagu. I can expect a bearth in the Cabinet only by then,” said MLA M P Appachuranjan.
The supporters of the MLA had urged the CM on Friday that he should be given a ministerial berth.