Covid-19 ushers in lifestyle changes

Covid-19 ushers in lifestyle changes

Representative image. Credit: Getty.

Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the health and financial condition of a majority of the people, across the globe. However, a section of the people in Mysuru feel that there are also positive impacts of the Covid effects. Some of them said that the Covid effects have ushered in some lifestyle changes, mostly positive ones.

J Kumar, a chicken stall owner said, “I was tested positive and went into facility quarantine for 10 days. Earlier, I was busy with business and never had a holiday. Due to Covid, my business was hit hard and I suffered a financial crisis. But, the Covid crisis and my isolation gave me some precious time, for myself and my family members.”

“Now, business has resumed and my financial problems have eased. Besides, the facility quarantine and later, home quarantine set my priorities right. It taught me time management, so that I can give time to my family members and myself. I am a happier person now.”

V Nagaraju, a bank executive, said, “Facility quarantine taught me a few things. One of them is that fitness is a key to both physical and mental health. While under facility quarantine, I planned my time and activities to suit the routine there. One of them is the policy of ‘Early to bed early to rise’. It helps me a lot now, as I get a lot of day time, which I use productively.”

K N Harish, an employee of a private firm, said that since the detection of his Covid infection, he adopted an active routine. “Earlier, I used to just relax at home, exhausted by office work. During facility quarantine, I started walking inside the Covid Care Centre. After discharge, I continued my walking habit. Now, everyday, I walk around 4 km in the morning and 4 km in the evening. Whenever I am free, I do some warm-up exercises. Some body pains, that I used to suffer earlier, have eased,” he said.

Ayesha Sharief, a homemaker, said, “Since my husband was detected to be infected by Covid, he is stressing on fitness. Now, some trousers and shirts, which he had overgrown a few years back, are fitting him again. We buy and consume a lot of vegetables and fruits nowadays, compared to pre-Covid days. Our children indulge in a lot of outdoor games and sports, as they also have more time, due to online classes.”

A S Saraswathi, a teacher said, “Due to Covid, we are not getting full salary, but our expenses on water, handwash, sanitiser, washing powder, soap, etc for cleaning purpose and power bill due to more dependence on electric kettle and steamer, have increased.

“But, our travel and outings have reduced. Our expenses on junk food has reduced. We have learnt austerity. Despite, some financial problems, we have peace of mind,” he said.