Deccan Herald-Prajavani Vidyarthi Sambhrama launched

Deccan Herald-Prajavani Vidyarthi Sambhrama launched

Winners in various competitions held as part of Deccan Herald-Prajavani Vidyarthi Sambhrama at Purna Chethana Public School in Mysuru on Wednesday. dh photo

‘Deccan Herald-Prajavani Vidyarthi Sambhrama’, a monthly event for students of Mysuru and its neighbourhood, held in association with Mysuru Hotel Owners Association (MHOA), started on Wednesday. City-based Shoe World is co-sponsor.

The objective of ‘DH-PV Vidyarthi Sambhrama’ is to spread the concepts of ‘Joy of Learning’ and ‘Happy Exams’, among students. It intends to educate the students, parents and also management of educational institutions, with their participation in small groups of their own fraternity.

DH-PV Vidyarthi Sambhrama involves talent and fun games for students of an individual institution. Parents, as well as teachers, use fear of results and also about one’s future, to push a student to study. ‘Study well’ is actually ‘study hard’ in general parlance. In the melee, the joy of exploring the world through education, is lost.

However, some institutions and teachers are trying to make learning a joyful experience. The recent trend is to encourage the students to explore the application of what they learn in their day to day life.

Students usually feel happy when they visit other institutions to participate in various competitions. They cherish such memories. The talent and knowledge of such talented students is not exposed to other students of their own institution. DH-PV Vidyarthi Sambhrama intends to give such joys to the students on the premises of their own institution. Other students will also witness the unravelling of the talent of their star performers.

One should do what one enjoys and enjoy what one does. Actions should be out of love and not out of fear. Once one starts loving the institution, teachers and curriculum, the process of learning, teaching, researching and innovating starts. One learns a concept better, when one explains it to others. A teacher is usually a better student. So, students can be encouraged to role play teachers and engage classes. Sambhrama is also a learning experience and will evolve with feedback and inputs from the students, teachers, parents and all those concerned.