'Devastation in Kodagu was not man-made'

'Devastation in Kodagu was not man-made'

Geologist Aichettira Machaiah speaks at an interaction in Madikeri on Saturday.

“The landslides and flood that occurred in Kodagu district in August was not a man-made disaster. Heavy rainfall resulted in massive devastation,” said geologist Aichettira Machaiah. 

Speaking at a discourse on ‘natural calamity and a way forward’ organised by Samana Manaskara Vedike on
Saturday, he said, “Heavy rainfall caused extensive damage in the district. There is no
truth in the experts committee report that human interference caused landslides. We do not know whether the experts prepared the report by visiting the spot or due to pressure from the government.” 

“The landscape of Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri are different. Brahmagiri range is known for receiving heavy rain. However, Pushpagiri had not received such a heavy rainfall so far. The sudden increase in rainfall resulted in rivers and rivulets taking its own course. The increase in ground water in the hilly ranges resulted in landslides,” Machaiah explained. 

“If Pushpagiri ranges continue to receive heavy rain for the next 10 years, then there is possibility of rivers and rivulets changing their course of flow. Such incidents occur once in a century,” he said. 

“The season of rainfall commenced 50 lakh years ago. Several natural calamities have occurred in these 50 lakh years. Normalcy returned with the growth of vegetation and trees,” he felt. 

He said majority of the mishaps have occurred on Pushpagiri hilly range. The earth scientists should find accurate reason for it. The environmentalists do not want development. How can we live without any development works?” he asked. 

Senior Advocate A K Subbaiah said, “Had the district not received heavy rainfall, the landslides would not have occurred. The rain mishaps have been projected as man-made disaster.”