DGCA issues licence to Kalaburagi airport

DGCA issues licence to Kalaburagi airport

Kalaburagi airport

Starting commercial operations from Kalaburagi Airport is drawing closer with Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)  issuing an aerodrome licence for the airport for landing and departure of flights/aircraft on Thursday.

The DGCA, in exercise of the power under Rules 78 of the aircraft rules, 1937 issued the licence. The licence authorises the aerodrome to be used as a regular place of landing and departure to all persons on equal terms and conditions for operations by aircraft requiring specifications of runway.

The licence is liable to be suspended, modified, withdrawn and any limitations and conditions may be imposed if any violation of the provisions of the aircraft act 1934 and Aircraft Rules-1937, the DGCA warned.

Though the work was completed at the airport, the state government is waiting for the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate the airport. The commercial operations are likely to be started after November 15.