Huttari festival celebrated in Kodagu district

Huttari festival celebrated in Kodagu district

Huttari festival was observed with grandeur and traditional fervour in Kodagu district on Monday.

‘Puthari’ means new paddy. Huttari is festival of harvest and getting the harvested paddy home.

The Huttari celebrations began at the Igguthappa temple at 7.45 am and ‘prasadam’ was distributed at 9.45 am. Paddy were taken from the  temple to mark the beginning of the festival in the district.

Later, Kodavas in the district visited paddy fields in a procession in their traditional attire and harvested the crop after offering prayer. The festival is observed either in the month of November or December on full moon day of Rohini nakshatra. Before harvesting, they shouted slogans ‘Poli Polio deva’ and fired three times in the air and burst crackers.

In Hudikeri, Mathur and surrounding areas, paddy was harvested in the morning itself after offering pooja.

‘Elakki Puttuthara’ is the special dish for Huttari. After preparing ‘payasam’ (sweet) from the new rice and is offered to the God, all the family members will had the food. Many performed traditional dance as well.

Kodava Sahithya Academy observed Huttari at ‘Pani Kuteera Ain Mane’ at Mathur in South Kodagu.

The harvesting of crop included traditional procession with ‘Thaliyat Bolach,’ ‘Dudikott Pat,’ ‘oddolaga.’ After harvesting, the corn was taken to the ‘Taruvaya Ain Mane,’ and was tied in the house. Later, they sang Huttari songs.

The Academy also documented Huttari festival celebration. Kodava Sahithya Academy President Rani Machaiah and members took part in the celebration.