Kannada activists continue to guard Kannada flag

Kannada activists continue to guard Kannada flag

Kannada activists who hoisted the Kannada flag in front of the Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) continued to guard the flag pole and flag overnight on Monday.

Kannada activists Srinivas Talukar, Kasturi Bhavi, and others continued to sit surrounding the flag fearing that the police could remove it.

Earlier in the evening BCC Commissioner K H Jagadish and City Police officials made an unsuccessful attempt to convince the Kannada activists to remove the flag pole and Kannada flag as appropriate norms had not been followed.

Kannada activists dared them to remove the Kannada flags hoisted by them before Suvarna Vidhan Soudha and the Regional Commissioner's office before asking them to remove the Kannada flag hoisted in front of BCC today.

They demanded that they would leave the place if the District Administration assures them that the Kannada flag and flag pole would not be removed. Assurance from the district incharge minister was also sought.

As the night progressed, a section of Kannada activists made food and sweets available to the activists guarding the flag pole.