Kodagu tourists made to clean up their mess

Kodagu tourists made to clean up their mess

A social activist from Kodagu, with the help of the police, made tourists to clean the trash they had littered on Chettalli Road on Friday.

Tourists, who had ordered pizza, ate it in their car and discarded the box on the road near Kodagu Vidyalaya and made their way towards Mysuru.

Social activist Madettira Thimmaiah, who was traveling on the road, watched the act by the tourists and the waste they had discarded. He found the name and phone number of the purchaser in the bill and informed CPI Anup Madappa about the incident.

The CPI called the tourists, asked them to come back and clean the waste they have littered.

Those, who had discarded the waste, had reached Piriyapattana by the time they received the call. Responding to the call, they returned to the place where they had discarded the waste and cleaned the waste in the spot.