Model houses to be constructed for flood victims

Model houses to be constructed for flood victims

The district administration will construct three model houses at the sites earmarked for rehabilitation of flood victims in Kodagu.

Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation and Composite Technologies will take up the responsibility of building the model house. The work on the foundation of the house is in progress at a site located in K Nidugani village. The said model was finalised after most of the flood victims opted for the same.

“The houses are based on a Malaysian model and the construction will be completed within 45 days. Each house will cost Rs 6.50 lakh,” Housing Corporation Project Engineer Harsha said.

The survey work on the requirements of flood victims, as conducted by the district administration, has reached the final stage. Most of the flood victims have requested the administration to construct the houses for them, rather than provide a subsidy for the house.

On the other hand, the growers have requested to provide alternative lands for agriculture as their plantations have been lost. Or else, the government should provide the compensation amount.

MLA M P Appacchu Ranjan said that a final decision will be taken on allocating C and D lands (the forest lands under revenue department) to the farmers who have lost their plantations. There is 1.25 lakh hectare C and D land in the district. The government will be urged to provide these lands to farmers, Appacchu said.