Mumbai-Karnataka region's COVID-19 load reduces

Mumbai-Karnataka region's share in state's COVID-19 load comes down

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Mumbai-Karnataka region having seven districts including three districts sharing border with neighbouring States, had 28.78% of total Covid-19 cases reported in Karnataka till May 2, the last day of the lockdown 2.0.

Just a day prior to the end of lockdown 4.0, the region's share in State's Covid-19 load stood at 16.80% on Saturday evening, with total 491 cases in seven districts out of 2,922 cases in the State. Like elsewhere, the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing here also, mainly due to those returning from other States including Maharashtra, but not as fast as in some districts in other regions.

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When Karnataka recorded its highest single-day spike of 248 cases on Friday, it included only five from two districts in the region. However, the region reported 20 cases out of 141 cases recorded in the State on Saturday, including 11 cases in Vijayapur.

Belagavi district has been in top position with respect to maximum number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the region. The total number of cases in the district in the initial days of this month stood at 71, and it jumped to 147 by Saturday.

Haveri district, which was a green zone a month back, now has 14 cases. The increase in Covid-19 cases from May 3 to May 30 is 5 to 35 in Gadag district, 6 to 45 in Dharwad, 11 to 77 in Uttara Kannada, 22 to 77 in Bagalkot, and from 29 to 96 in Vijayapur district.

In the first week of May, Belagavi district was in third position in the State, with regard to number of Covid-19 cases, while Vijayapur, and Bagalkot were in fifth and sixth places, respectively.

Just a day before the end of this month (on Saturday), Belagavi was in the eighth position, while no other district in the region was in top 10 list, as per the data of the Health & Family Welfare Department.

Recovery rate improves

Among seven districts in the region, the best recovery rate at present is in Bagalkot district (85.71%), while the rate of patients discharged from hospital was 62.58% in Belagavi, 56.25% in Vijayapur, 55.84% in Uttara Kannada, 24.44% in Dharwad, 34.28% in Ggadag, and 21.42% in Haveri.

Out of 173 cases reported in the region till May 3, 56 recovered patients were discharged (32.36%). When the number of positive cases increased, the recovery rate has also improved, and it stood at 57.23% on Saturday. The State's recovery rate was 34.12%.

Among 49 Covid-19 deaths in the State, eight deaths are from this region. Five deaths are reported in Vijayapur district alone, while Dharwad, Uttara Kannada, and Haveri did not record any death.

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